19 September 2012

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Because I could not decide on one of the following writers to set as an image for this post; I chose an idea bulb.

Alright, so this is a little difficult for most, but I have known who my favourite writers are for quite some time now and it has not changed. I have read more books since I decided, but still, my views remain the same.

First up is Anne Rice, for a very good reason. The Vampire Chronicles are to-die-for books and anyone who is a fan of immortals should read them. Anne is a one of a kind writer who has her own methods and style, making her incredibly unique and even more fascinating. Her vampire novels inspired me a long time ago to get back into writing, after I found The Vampire Lestat hidden at the back of my cupboard among all my other books.

Stephen King is next, but by no means least. He and Anne are the only writers who inspire me enough to create my own worlds. Though, King has a passion for vulgar stories, whereas Anne writes about such things in a more charming kind of way. I like both styles to be fair and King is capable of making his readers squirm in their seats. What I like most about King however is his book titled On Writer and I encourage anyone who wishes to develop their writing skills further to go out and buy this book. In no way am I trying to profit from this because I'm not even directing you to anything; I just believe he tells it as it is and leaves nothing to the imagination. He is fairly brutal in his explanations and that makes it all the more interesting to read.

Who are your favourite writers and why?


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