6 October 2012

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
Just as a fun post; though entirely serious, I would like to point out the one person I am very glad to have met. That person would be my beloved; my fiance. He has been more than anything I could have ever asked for, and words cannot amount to how much I love him. He is my rock and angel. I turn to him through everything and though at times I am unbelievably stubborn and ridiculous in my actions, or lack of, he is incredibly forgiving.

Never would I ever want to give him up for anything or anyone. I am incapable of living without him, for he keeps me alive and completely happy. Happiness was not always so brilliant in my life; now it blooms like a flower on the first day of spring.

So, who is the one person you're glad to have met? And why is it exactly that you are so glad to have met this person?


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