20 October 2012

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I have to admit that I am not usually a fan of television shows. Despite this fact, I can't help but enjoy watching Cover Affairs. Not only because Piper and Oded are brilliant actors, especially alongside each other, but because the storyline is brilliant as well.

I seldom find shows of this genre to be to my liking, but this one has changed my mind. Even if Oded's character is killed off for whatever reason, I'm most likely going to keep on watching for Piper's character. I really believe that Annie and Eyal are a perfect match, even if the writers don't think so at the moment. They should definitely be together at some point. I'd scream my head off if both left things unsaid and suddenly he was killed 'for the story' to go somewhere. I like Auggie as well, who is also a reasonable match for Annie, but I'm more into the connection between her and Eyal to even notice Auggie shows interest in her as well. I think they are both better off as best friends though; nothing personal.

Anyone else been watching the newest episodes? or even been watching since it first started? Who are your favourite and least favourite characters? and last but not least, would you find Annie and Eyal finally getting together a good thing or a bad thing? Leave your thoughts below.


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