2 November 2012

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
In honor of a fantastic movie, I have decided to share my thoughts on it. It is as simple as that and there are no underlying reasons behind my need to promote it. I'm not trying to make any revenue here; I just really enjoy this movie and think a lot of people would if they gave it the time of day, which I have found many won't.

I'll never come to understand why so many judge it as they do. Not every movie is suited to just any taste, of course, but there's so much eighties revolving around this one that it's hard not to love even a little.

J.D. is my favourite character, 'shockingly'. Most people would most likely prefer Veronica Sawyer, but her psychotic boyfriend takes the cake in this one. Whilst I admire and appreciate Veronica, J.D. just seems so much more interesting and highly troubled, making him more fun to watch. Together, however, they make the perfect duo when it comes to knowing exactly how to keeping you entertained. He is a complete maniac and she is out for revenge. Try to work the rest out for yourself and question whether or not you want to keep ignoring the greatness of this movie.

On the other hand, if you have seen it and love it, who is your favourite character and why?


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