10 June 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
It's Called Love is my very first book to be published and I currently have another lined up that contains a lot of short stories. The book above however contains an abundance of poetry, all of different genre's so there is pretty much something for everyone. I will be honest though and say most of them are based on love as it's one of the most popular emotions out there and near enough everyone can relate to it. When I started writing poetry for the first time, when I started to take it seriously, I never intended to put all of my work into a book for the whole world to read but I've since changed my mind. Please take a look at the link and see whether or not you're interested as it's been on Amazon for quite some time now and had no views or sales whatsoever. It's a tad bit depressing and somehow it's making me feel as though I should give up my hope of becoming an author.


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