12 July 2012

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
It is a great shame that this lovely couple have called it quits, but that is not quite the purpose of this post. I've just been reading an update concerning what will happen to Suri once the divorce is final. As we know so far, Katie wants sole custody of their daughter (which she clearly must have valid reasons for so I won't get into that one too deeply).

About midway through the article, it seems that one of Tom's scientology friends has advised him not to battle with Katie to keep his daughter in his life. The scientologists reason for this is solely to protect Scientology and keep it from receiving a swarm of negativity. It would, in his words, shine a warning light down upon every Scientology church and those who are believers/followers of the religion. That is fair enough, but to suggest such a thing is absurd. 

Why should Tom not battle with Katie for the right to have custody of his own daughter. If I recall the man Cruise is, he would under no circumstances whatsoever, abandon the opportunity to fight for his rights as a father, just so save a religion from falling with a bad reputation. If he takes on board the advice from his friend, he is a fool and a man I never once thought he was or would turn into. I must say, though I said I would not, Katie is awfully selfish to be making such claims and putting forth such ridiculous suggestions. Tom has every right to see his daughter. Any problems Katie and Tom have should be strictly between the two of them and should in no way fall back on their little girl. It isn't fair on her to lose out because her parents can't see eye to eye.


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